Rank Requirements


Ranking and Rank requirements vary from dojo to dojo, as well as from style to style:  The purpose of ranking is to show improvement and achievement within a dojo/karate school, or within a particular style of martial arts.  It is important to understand that while an advanced rank may indicate advanced skill of the rankholder, this is not always the case.  Hard work, consistent training, diligence, sacrifice and experience build skills; not the color of the belt tied around your waist.  That being said. We promote our students according to their abilities, improvements, and skill levels only after minimum requirements are met.  We do not reward mediocrity.


RANK   & COLOR Minimum Training time/Age DESCRIPTION

10-kyu   white belt 

n/a all new beginners
 9-kyu   yellow stripe* 2 months       children only
 8-kyu   yellow belt 3 months solid yellow
 7-kyu   yellow belt 3 months one black tip
 6-kyu   green belt 6 months        7yrs. old solid green
 5-kyu   green belt 12 months one black tip
 4-kyu   purple belt 18 months      8yrs. old solid purple
 3-kyu   purple belt 24 months      one black tip
 2-kyu   brown belt 30 months solid brown
 1-kyu   brown belt 36 months     10yrs. old one black tip

Sho-dan   black belt  42 months (14 yrs old)         Senpai                   
2-dan  black belt 6 years      (16 yrs old) Senpai
3-dan  black belt 8 years      (18 yrs old) Sensei
4-dan  black belt 12 years    (21 yrs old) Sensei
5-dan  black belt 15 years    (30 yrs old) Sensei/Renshi
6-dan  black belt 20 years    (35 yrs old) Shihan
7-dan  black belt 25 years    (42 yrs old) Shihan/Kyoshi
8-dan  black belt 33 years    (50 yrs old) Kyoshi
9-dan    red belt 40 years    (57 yrs old) Hanshi
10-dan  red belt 50 years    (65 yrs old) Hanshi


TEL: 706-536-7127

Columbus Dojo
Columbus, GA, 31901



Yudansha/Black Belt Registry

This is the list of students that were promoted to black belt by Sensei Garry Parker, followed by the date of promotion.

Izumi Shimabukuro-Parker (2/2004: 1-dan) (3/2009: 2-dan) (6/2012: 3-dan)

Glen Saulnier- (Sep. 2004)

Erika Parker- (July 2007)

Keith Klaif- (May 2009)


All  Instructors  at the COLUMBUS DOJO are professionally trained and certified through the International Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate Association.

You will receive the highest quality instruction from our professional staff of Certified Instructors.

We offer many classes each week to fit your busy schedule; with programs such as:

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