Our training is driven by the desire and need of each student to be able to successfully protect themselves against one or more opponents. We implement various tools and methods to accomplish this result. Sharpened reflexes and instincts, improved timing and balance, increased speed and power, and development of the mental capacity to utilize these methods are just a few benefits that each student will learn through the practice of Goshukan-Ryu.


KIHON:Basic Techniques such as blocking, kicking, punching, striking with the hands, fists, elbows and knees in a variety of positions (tachi-waza) and movements (fumi-waza) help develop balance, timing, and muscle memory - thereby developing proper execution and delivery of techniques instinctively. Kihon is practiced at the beginning of every class by all students regardless of age and/or experience. Kihon are the very building blocks of karate, and as such, are the most important for the beginning student to aquire proficiency in all methods.

KATA:Kata are the pre-arranged forms of fighting sequences in all martial arts; kata contains defensive, and offensive techniques, principles, and applications for these techniques. The correct practice of kata focuses on breathing, timing, -especially directional transitions- explosive power development, and focus. After 100's of repititions of kata practice, the body begins to remember the sequences and transitions become smoother; at this point bunkai and oyo training are implemented.  Bunkai is the breakdown or explanation of the movements and sequences within the kata. Oyo is the practical application of the sequences and is practiced with a partner.  This  practice is increasingly faster and harder, until the 'attack' is full speed and full power; only then can the practice of kata and oyo be understood.



BODY CONDITIONING:Every warrior must sharpen his sword;  Knowledge and practice of technique must be accompanied by a strong body to be effective. We utilize several body strengthening and iron body condtioning methods in Goshukan-Ryu.  We use hojo undoh equipment such as chikara-ishi,(lever strength stones)  sashi (stone locks/dumbells)  and body-weight exercises to strengthen our core, and overall muscular strength.  We also use partner drills such as -iron-body gon-uchi - to strengthen our bones, and desensitize our skin and muscles to pain. This allows us to absorb the force of a punch or kick as we are blocking/attacking it with no injury to ourselves.

MAKIWARA:We use various makiwara to strengthen our striking and kicking power, as well as to generate explosive power through focus, timing, and breathing methods.  The tachi-makiwara is flat and is used for developing seiken (straight fist) power as well as shuto, and ippon-ken techniques. The tou-makiwara is cylindrical and wrapped with rope; it is used for  developing open hand striking power, mawashi geri (round kick) , mae-geri (front kick), and for conditioning the shins and forearms.  The tire-makiwara is used specifically for developing round-kick power and hard shins.

BAGS and SHIELDS:Heavy bags and body shields are used to increase focus and endurance while polishing techniqe with students of every level. We do not use bag gloves or shin guards during any training;  It is best to gradually get accustomed to the conctact and impact while practicing proper technique.

KUMITE:Kumite or free-fighting practice is necessary to accustom the student to contact, as well as to prepare the student for an attack. We practice continuous fighting (jiyuu kumite) and do not start and stop for 'points'. this type of practice is a great tool to help the student hone their reaction and instinctive skills under pressure. Protective gear for the head and fists are worn as well as chest and rib protection; the practice is hard contact, with grappling, sweeps, leg contact, and head contact allowed. We do not play tag; this builds bad habits and is not condusive to self-defense training. Kumite practice is introduced when the student has built sufficient Kihon skills.

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Training Schedule


CLASS: Youth/Adult Beginners

Karate Kids(4-6 yrs old)

Junior Karate (7-12 yrs. old)

Adult Karate (13 & up)

(Brown/Black Belts)


6:30 pm-7:30 pm

5:30 pm-6:30 pm






6:00 pm-7:00 pm

7:00 pm-8:30 pm



6:30 pm-7:30 pm

5:30 pm-6:30 pm






6:00 pm-7:00 pm

7:00 pm-8:30 pm









12:00 pm-1:00 pm


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Dojo Business Hours

The Dojo Business hours are not the same as the class/training schedule. Some classes will start before "Business hours"  and may end after posted business hours.

For any questions regarding classes or Dojo info, please contact us at  706-536-7127 or


Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate practices the following Shuri-te karate kata and Wu Zhu Chuan forms:


  1. Naihanchi Shodan
  2. Naihanchi Nidan
  3. Naihanchi Sandan
  4. Pinan Shodan
  5. Pinan Nidan
  6. Pinan Sandan
  7. Pinan Yondan
  8. Pinan Godan
  9. Passai Sho
  10. Passai Dai
  11. Chinto
  12. Kusanku Sho
  13. Kusanku Dai
  14. Useishi/Gojushiho
  15. Jion



  1. San Zhan
  2. Er Shi Chuan/Li Sip Kun
  3. Er Shi Chuan Dai
  4. Tao Che
  5. San Chien
  6. Wu Fu Chien
  7. Ho Ch'a
  8. Da Jia
  9. Tai Cho Kun
  10. Ren Fuan
  11. San Tsai
  12. Ta Po Kuen/Pressing Step Fist*

*Ta Po Kuen is an IOGKA kata.

Dojo Links

The Columbus Dojo is located in West Georgia, conveniently located and accessible from South, Central, East, and Downtown Columbus, GA - Phenix City, AL - Smithstation, AL, - Ft. Benning, GA. and the surrounding communities.  However, we would like to provide a list of other traditional Okinawan Karate Dojos outside of our local area.



NEBRASKA: Lincoln, Nebraska headed by Hanshi John Roseberry:  Goju-Ryu, Judo, Daito-Ryu

INTERNATIONAL:  United States, Canada, Costa Rica. Senaha Shigetoshi's Goju-Ryu Association

NEW YORK:   New York City, NY - Chi-I-Do International. Headed by Kow Loon Ong Hanshi: Okinawa Goju-Ryu, Kin Gai Ryu,

NORTH CAROLINA: North Carolina, Honbu Dojo for UMAA- Shorin-Ryu, Kobudo.  Chief Instructor Frank Williams-Kyoshi  Zen Sekai Bujutsu Kai - Stella, NC - Worldwide. Traditional Okinawa Shorin-Ryu / Kobudo based martial arts association.

FLORIDA: St. Petersburg, FL.  Karate, Kobujutusu, White Crane, Jujutsu/mma. Cheif Instructor Danita Clarke-Kyoshi

HAWAII:  Kaneohe Hawaii   Goju-Ryu Karate, United Gojukan Honbu Dojo.  Chief Instructor Jann Aki- Shihan



OHIO: Oakwood Village, OH.  Shorin-ryu Karate and Kobudo.  Chief Instructor Brandon Fisher-Renshi

OKINAWA:  Sunabe, Chatan Okinawa.  Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Honbu Dojo: Takamiyagi Hiroshi Hanshi Camp Foster/ Chatan-cho.  Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo.  Chief Instructor Kenneth Daniels-Shihan

PUERTO RICO:  Puerto Rico. Shorin-Ryu karate, Kobudo, White Crane.  Chief Instructor Joche Zapata-Renshi




All  Instructors  at the COLUMBUS DOJO are professionally trained and certified through the International Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate Association.

You will receive the highest quality instruction from our professional staff of Certified Instructors.

We offer many classes each week to fit your busy schedule; with programs such as:

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